3 Rivers WiFi

(Currently available in Big Sky only)

Package Information

Day Package

Internet access for 24 hours from the time of signup. One user name with hotspot.

Week Package

Internet access for 10 days from the date of signup. One user name with hotspot.

Month Package

Internet access for 30 days from the date of signup. One user name with hotspot.

Year Package

Requires credit card automatic payment; charged on the 10th of each month. Early termination fee of $100. Available only with customer premise equipment (CPE). 

We accept American Express, Master Card, and Visa credit cards, electronic funds transfers from bank accounts, checks or cash.


WiFi hotspot access is available only around the Yellowstone, Silverbow and Deer Run condos and the Firelight Meadows Complex.


The antenna available for purchase from 3 Rivers provides more consistent throughput than a hotspot. Short-term rental plans are available—call for details.

  • Antenna $70
  • Bracket $10 or $20 depending on need
  • Installation $49.95 (required for outdoor antenna)

CPE provides a stronger, more stable connection to access points and a username and password login is not required. When plugged into a wireless router, customer has the ability to connect multiple devices to the Internet.

CPE service is available in a bigger range around all the condos that offer hotspots, plus all of Southfork and Westfork areas, parts of Little Coyote Road, the Sweetgrass Hills area and the Hill Condos. Service availability is based on line of sight to an access point and requires a site survey by 3 Rivers.


Call our Big Sky office at 995-2600 or stop by our office at 12 Skywood Road for more information.

Have a question? Read our 3 Rivers WiFi Frequently Asked Questions.